When you employ a script-driven application on your site and all of the content that you make is stored in a database, your hosting plan needs to come with ample database storage space, so as to make sure that even when the site expands, you will not have any difficulties due to the lack of space. PostgreSQL is a great example of a widespread database control system that's used for plenty of scalable web applications and in case you want enhanced performance and reliability for your site, it is more than likely that you will take advantage of this system. That being said, you will need a website hosting package that won't restrict your world wide web presence, particularly if you need to operate multiple sites and each of them functions with PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Cloud Web Hosting

Some of the cloud web hosting that we supply are excellent for hosting websites which use a PostgreSQL database to work since they feature unlimited database storage space. Using these packages, you're able to create and manage any kind of PostgreSQL-driven script app and benefit from an efficient and reliable web hosting service. We can afford to provide unlimited database storage space as we don't run everything on a single server. Alternatively, all the PostgreSQL databases are handled by a different cluster, that is part of our tailor-made cloud website hosting platform, so that we can always add extra hard disks or whole servers to your cluster when needed. With our shared website hosting services, you won't ever have to worry that the growth of your websites will be reduced because of the insufficient space for your databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

In case you would like to use PostgreSQL for your sites, you can take full advantage of our powerful semi-dedicated server plans. Determined by the websites that you need to have, you can pick between limited and unrestricted PostgreSQL storage space, because a smaller site calls for a smaller amount resources, which means that you can pay a lower fee every month. The top-end plan contains unlimited storage space and since it also contains considerably more processing power, you will be able to run heavy script apps without a problem and without having to worry that your websites can grow way too much. You're able to run huge virtual shops or message boards with thousands of users and regardless of how much their PostgreSQL databases expand, there won't be any interruptions due to getting to some limit. For your convenience, you can always see the size of every single database and the entire size that all databases take, however you will never see any kind of restriction in the website hosting Control Panel.